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Protective measures concerning coronavirus

TGS offers a number of solutions for the current situation, which play a major role in helping to comply to the strict regulations for the containment of the coronavirus. Depending on the requirements, we can provide support in the contact-free automatic fever detection, detection of face masks or counting of persons.

Counter Covid 19

Real-time body temperature measurement

This Artificial Intelligence fever screen device scans people quickly and contact-free for high body temperature. Easy to use for railway stations, airports, public or private facilities. Our solution detects the temperature of a per as soon as he or she enters your facility.

– Temperature Measurement – Alarm – Protection

Protective clothing validation on entering facilities

No admittance without mask! Several institutions have to make sure that viruses are not brought in by outside who usually don’t wear mask. If a person with insufficient protective clothing tries to enter, an access control process is initiated that will trigger an alarm

– Detection of protective clothing (mask, gloves, etc) – Minimize infection risk – Trigger the control system

Monitoring legal hygiene in public places

Automatic detection of mask in public places. The solution automatically recognizes without using any biometric data. This solution can identify whether a person’s mouth ad nose is covered in a large quantity.

– Automatic testing of protective clothing – More protection in public – The control staff is always informed

Counting and directing flows of people

Full people-counting is almost mandatory for all countries during this outbreak. A certain number of customers are allowed in a store at a time. Our solution automatically keeps track of the people entering and leaving the store and continue counting the number of people who are in the store at all time.

– Precise counting of the customers in the shop

– Proven compliance of the regulations – Saving of personnel costs