Effective communication is surely at the core of every successful school. We enable schools to outfit new communication innovation to convey better approaches for student learning, while improving the fundamental joint effort between students, guardians and the faculty.

Our Offer

Go Cloud

Offer audio, web and video conferencing, allowing educators to convey educational module content live or on-request over any device with the ability to track the outcomes. Helpful for students on situation, sick leave or encountering travel disturbances and makes lessons more useful and inspiring.


Convey twinning for desk phone to portable so individuals from ranking staff will never miss a call during school trips as their desk phone and mobile will ring at the same time through a single contact number.

Flexible Communication

We improve response times for incoming calls and free up staff’s time by delivering flexible call routing, self-service, networking and reporting. This enables better call handling.

Cost Efficient

Appreciate free calls amongst destinations and free calls to and from staff mobiles incorporating select break times in mobile contracts during the occasions, to make sure you are financially savvy with your lines and calls.

Safety Compliance

We provide an effective emergency notification system that improves school safety by deploying communications tools to provide early response to a crisis in order to support health and safety compliance.


Make sure teachers are able to access their own voice messages inside classrooms and all around the school, which builds responsiveness and association amongst staff and guardians.

Bandwidth Management

Cost Saving



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