Government and councils are challenged by huge amounts of criticism with respect to overspending yet are continually constrained to convey superb administrations while exhibiting the citizen’s money is being spent carefully. In a testing monetary atmosphere, the quantity of staff utilized by gatherings is probably going to recoil. There will be more joint and versatile working and councils should discover better approaches to manage, motivate and connect with their staff.

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Manage phone calls adequately through day/night service, call diverting, auto attendant and recorded announcements to make sure incoming calls are constantly replied.

Flexible Communications

Give quick and adaptable communications via audio and video conferencing, email or easy voice and text messaging, to make sure the correct data is immediately passed between groups, capacities, public sector bodies and citizens.

Contact Centre

Contact centre can be set-up and just managed to more readily deal with calls and give wise data about expected hold up times or position in queues. This ensures all calls are addressed more effectively to help enhance quality of service.

Call Recording

Oversee complaints with call recording, which furnishes staff with the compelling training to resolve disputes. Your business will likewise benefit by a full auditable record of public interactions with evidence of call chronicles to forestall conceivable case.


Empower your business to get the most out of your present phone framework while including new IP communications and applications with call control, designed to work with any manufacturer phone frameworks.

Management & Reporting

Enhance reaction time in answering calls and remain informed with live call statistics to see how best to manage crest call times with call management and reporting.


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