Hospitality guest no longer just need a high definition television nor internet connection but demanding for seamless services and on-the-go technology to satisfy their needs. This industry is a dynamic environment and one must be open to using a wide variety of tech-disruptive tools to ensure their guests’ satisfaction and approval in both leisure and business travellers. With the help of our solutions, this industry can reach more people than ever before in a more tech-savvy century.

Our Offer

IP Phones

Provide IP display phones and cordless handsets on front desks will greatly enhancing the first impression with the company by eliminating unsightly cabling and provide private conversations.


Special customers will be identified by adding special tagging e.g. VIP, conference guests and etc. This allows staff to greet the customer by enhancing the personal touch.

Wake Up Call

Able to record announcements as part of a wake up call and overlook guest privacy at all times using “call block” and “do not disturb.

Wireless Telephone

Provide wireless telephones to keep staff connected meanwhile, text messaging can be used to managed special request like fire alarms, door alarms and VIP arrival.

Single Telephone

Only single phone needed to connect multiple locations for e.g. manage room reservation and restaurant chain at once.


Fully integrated with front desk office software to gain more accurate guest information to bring customer service to the next level.


Cost Saving


Business Continuity

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