Ever changing compliance requirements in the market has been challenging for the financial services industry. The need to reduce operating expenses and stay competitive. We understand the various requirements of retail banking, capital markets and we have the knowledge and expertise to overcome the challenges and insurance to deliver the right communications solution for your business.

Our Offer

Wide Variety

Provide a wide variety of telephone handsets including SIP, DECT, digital, single line or incorporating a smartphone twinned with a desk phone. This means, staffs will never be out of touch with clients and can be contacted through one number regardless of locations.

Fast & Flexible

To ensure the right information is quickly passed to traders and associates wherever they are located, we provide fast and flexible communications via audio and video conferencing, e-mail or simple voice and text messaging.

Single Interface

Administrator can control calls and application in a single interface across a large-scale network using web-based management, to ensure the technology is mapped to your business requirements.

Hot - Desking

Provide hot-desking, which allows staff to nominate any desktop to be their own, at a disaster recovery facility, an alternative office or even at home, with the option to extend this capability to any directory number whilst still complying with FLA regulations.

Secure Call Connection

Deliver a secure call connection allowing financial organisations to maximise security by encrypting voice and enabling call recording for office, home and mobile telephones.

IP Communication Platforms

Deliver IP communication platforms that are able to support trading desk and financial private networking to provide a cost effective and fully integrated solutions.




Business Continuity

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