The year 2020 marks TGS 25th Anniversary since the business was established back in 1995 formerly known as Siemens Business Communication Systems Limited.

TGS celebrates its 25th Anniversary in conjunction with the Regional Sales & Service Meeting in Hard Rock Pattaya this year. All the teams from the whole Southeast Asia region, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia gathered in Pattaya for this remarkable celebration. Despite the meeting and celebration, it was also an opportunity to reward the teams with awards and prizes. Congratulate to those who were lucky enough to get the prizes.

Last but not least, we are thrilled to announce that TGS Malaysia was also lucky enough to be crowned for the Best Country Performance in 2019. It was a tough but yet fruitful year for TGS Group back in the year 2019. TGS Group commits to provide the best solutions and services for Enterprise Customers in more years to come. We look forward to more multiplier of 25 years to come.

TGS 25th Anniversary in Pattaya
TGS 25th Anniversary in Pattaya
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