Real time Authentication & Customer Engagement Analytics

MALAYSIA, 17th April 2019: TGS Enterprise Networks Sdn Bhd held an event at Common Ground Bukit Bintang to introduce a new product to the Malaysian Market. The topics that TGS emphasized on were “Real time Authentication” & “Customer Engagement Analytics”.

TGS Enterprise Networks Sdn Bhd collaborates with NICE System Ltd. in this event aiming to introduce new technologies to further improve their business productivity and bring it to the next level. With the introduction of Industry 4.0 that most of the solutions are powered by AI and Robotics, TGS Enterprise Networks Sdn Bhd is bringing these 2 new features to the Contact Center business.

Real-time Authentication
Customer Analytics

In this new era,┬áit is believed that we now operate in a customer experience economy. Price and product alone are not enough to compete in the marketplace – customer experience and customer satisfaction are all equally critical to a company’s success.

Be Future Ready Forum

CEO of TGS Enterprise Networks
The event kicked off by Alwyn Tan (CEO of TGS Enterprise Networks Sdn Bhd)
Chris Chong from NICE
Channel ASEAN from NICE Systems Ltd.

Be Future Ready Forum Be Future Ready Forum

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