Voice Authentication

“What is your mother’s maiden name?”, “What’s your pet’s name?”. Do these sound familiar to you? Are you still using these security questions? Nowadays consumers are much more demanding. What they are expecting is immediate service with zero delay. A long and tedious authentication process is no longer an option!

Seamless Voice Authentication across platforms

Real-Time Authentication (RTA) provides end-to-end authentication and fraud prevention for contact centers. Based on voice biometrics, the customers identity are verified on the first few seconds after a normal conversation with an agent. It improves the level of security, reduces operational costs, and the best thing is – consumers don’t even notice it! RTA verifies the his voice in the background without interrupting the interaction or conversation.

Key Benefits

  • Top Security
  • Real-Time Fraud Prevention
  • Seamless Customer Experience
  • Increase Operation Efficiency

Real-Time Authentication combines few factors to verify callers identity. Considering various parameters, the solution selects the optimal, most cost-effective factor per call, or a combination of several factors as needed.

RTA incorporates multiple factors, including

  • Voice biometrics
  • Phone number validation
  • Device authentication

All factors are verified in the background to keep the authentication process smooth. It doesn’t require any effort from the consumers. Contact us today for a demo and learn more how can we help to protect your customers and improve customer experience.

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