Artificial Intelligence helps in optimizing Hygiene Procedures Hospitals, Forensic Institutions, and Manufacturing Companies.

Hygiene measures are being increased due to the current pandemic outbreak. Furthermore, protective attire compliance is becoming an essential safety factor in facilities where the spread of contamination by external personnel must be avoided. Carelessness or non-compliance with the protective measures should be made impossible and any damage to health should be avoided at all costs.

Hospitals especially Incentive Care Units, laboratories, etc. may only allow entrance in a companion of face mask. In order to assist the untrained visitors and the staff who check those measures, a technical solution is available.

If personnel is not properly attired, access control will be initiated with the capability of refusing access, activation of an alarm, and etc.

Face Mask Detection Solution

The Individual Solution

The artificial intelligence (AI) based solution for detecting protective clothing/attire will greatly improve hygiene. In an urgent case, it can trigger an alarm to notify the in-charged personnel. The automatic door locking system will be triggered and remain locked if the attire doesn’t meet the proper guideline.

The Benefits

  • Optimization of the necessary preventative measures.
  • Sensitization of employees for the fulfillment of safety regulations after breaks or conferences.
  • Visual documentation as proof of compliance with all legally prescribed protective measures.
  • Interface to other systems, e.g. time and attendance, is possible.
Automatic Door Lock System
Automatic Door Lock System


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