Remote Working Enablement

Research says, more than 80% of organizations plan to allow and shift to remote work at least for the time being from the pandemic. But are they well equipped to do so? Many of them don’t, as most of the organizations are taking remote working as a short-term solution to ease the pandemic situation. If maintaining remote working, will lead to management, security challenges as well as the higher total cost of operations.

If organizations are serious about long-term working remotely, they need to create seamless and unified communications among the meetings, calling and team messaging which leads to Unified Communications-as-as-Service (UCaaS).

Key is a Single, Integrated UCaaS Solution

Work and productivity will go downhill if an organization doesn’t have a unified solution. Employees are forced to navigate through various solutions in terms of calling, meeting, and team messaging that are not integrated. This segregated environment is more expensive to operate, maintain and difficult for supervisors to manage and monitor, which drives many to push for on-site work.

Meanwhile, a single, integrated UCaaS solution provides:

  • One single-user interface for accessing all features across desktop and mobile devices
  • Integrated data from other applications (ex: Business Intelligence reporting)
  • Seamless integrations with CRM, ERP, HR, and other enterprise apps.
  • Automated upgrades for access to new features
  • Centralized management and control (manage information, make changes, and securely monitor communications anywhere using one simple app available on any device).
  • Next-level analytics: solutions that provide built-in analytics that enables admins to gain a deeper understanding of their organization’s communications – anywhere, on any device.

According to Metrigy, an organization spends 56% lesser on operational expenses if they are using a single, integrated UC provider. An analysis found that agents who can use UC capabilities like team messaging from within their contact center applications see an increase in customer satisfaction ratings of 56.7%, a 19.7% reduction in operational costs, and a 23.4% reduction in monthly per-agent spending on licenses.

How to Find the Best Solution for Your Organization

  • Assess your current collaboration environment: does your current mix of application capabilities meet your worker’s needs and allow you to effectively manage distributed teams?
  • Evaluate the potential of cloud-based services to provide flexibility to support remote work and faster access to emerging collaboration capabilities (see this blog for more)
  • Assess single-vendor solutions for calling, team collaboration, and meetings that may offer reduced operating costs as well as simplified user experiences.
  • Consider the potential of integrated UCaaS solutions to reduce management demand and ensure the application of consistent security policies.

Learn more about Avaya OneCloud UCaaS, and check out the full findings of our latest research report published in partnership with Metrigy, “The Value of True UCaaS.”

Do reach out to TGS Enterprise Networks as the official partner of Avaya for more information.

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