Organizations might not be fully ready for a remote workforce

Many organizations think they have the tools needed to allow employees to work from home seamlessly. But now that working remotely has been necessary for many organizations due to the Covid-19 outbreak. To keep a social distance between your staff or workers to avoid your organization being shut down for quarantined as the worst case.

Most of the organizations are not ready for a fully remote workforce because they did not foresee the amount of traffic that the existing system could handle.

  • VPN limits numbers of the user connecting to the organization’s network
  • The customers couldn’t reach you on your extension but to give out your personal contact number
  • Difficult in communication and sharing files or progress between colleagues
  • Not able to host the meeting and share presentation slides.

Are all the above sounds familiar to you?

In associations where remote working capacities have not yet been set up, CIOs need to work out interval arrangements for the time being, including distinguishing use case necessities, for example, texting for general correspondence, document sharing/meeting arrangements, and access to big business applications, for example, ERP and CRM frameworks. They ought to likewise audit all security courses of action to guarantee secure access to applications and information.

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