Protective clothing validation, such as face masks

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, a lot of public and private entities have made protective clothing mandatory such as face mask. The purpose of this measure is to provide better protection for the population from the pandemic.

To ensure the implementation of this measure, the currently available resources and forces are never sufficient. This pandemic demands a rapid implementation of protective clothing validation solution.


  • Face masks must be worn by everyone at all times.
  • The mask is also mandatory for entering buildings of all
    kinds, such as hospitals, railway or bus stations, banks,
    shops, offices, etc.
  • The security forces are to be relieved as much as

Protective Clothing Validation

In this case, an Artificial Intelligence (Ai) solution comes in handy. This solution can identify whether the nose and mouth are covered or not. A signal or alarm would be triggered if they are not covered.


  • Compliance with the directive imposed by the State.
  • Immediate notification of control staff.
  • Protection of personnel in grocery stores, public
    buildings, clinics, etc.
  • Relieving the workload of the security forces and control
  • Comprehensive protection of the population.

Protective Clothing Validation 1


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